Люди!Срочно нужно придумать мини-историю к пословице fortune favours the brave!


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When I was 7 years old I wanted to have a dog but I was not sure that my mother would let me keep it. Howewer one day I asked her whether I could have a small dog to play with. I thought she would refuse at once, but she said that dogs are good animals. She said that she would let me keep a dog, but only if I would take care of my pet. I was really surprised to hear that answer. Of course I was ready to walk with my dog and feed it. I wasn't sure whether I knew everything about keeping dogs as pets, and so I said to my mother. She answered that the would help me, if necessary. The next day we went to a shop and bought a nice dog. We called it Harry and he was my good friend for many years. And I never failed to feed it, as I promised.
спасибо, а можешь придумать историю к пословице cat can not catch mice in gloves( на русском без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда) пожалуйста?
There was one lady who didn't like houseworking. So she always had someone else to work instead of her. She paid her servants for cooking and cleaning her house and never bothered. However one day her servant was ill and could'n cook for her mistress. So poor lady stayed hungry for the whole day. Next day her servant was still in bed and the lady felt very unhappy that she is unable to cook even a simple meal for herself. So she took a cookery book and started learning.
Then she found that cooking is not only useful, but also a great fun. Ну и еще что-то можно придумать. Мне уже не хватает фантазии :)
и да, лучше вместо houseworking - doing housework
спасибо огромное!=)