Помогите сочинить сказку на английском языке с переводом 2 класс

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Какая тема?
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Red eyes

Ellie- is little girl. She lives in London. Ellie is very nice and beautiful girl. She always do her homework in time. But one year ago her life change. She had a too nice sister- Mila. Now Mila is one year. Ellie change with her life... She sleep at the table, eat in the bed. Ellie every night come into mother and father's bedroom and say: "Mila has red eyes..." Parents think, what their daughter crazy. In another night Ellie again come to parents bedroom, but now she said: "Come with me... Mila want to play". Parents come with Ellie and... They see the picture: Ellie and Mila dead. Blood, blood, blood. Mother fell, father call the doctor. Again this family not seen. Turn around... Because all family behind you.
Пособие ужастика))))