Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времѐн: Present,Past, Simple; Present, Past Continuous

1When I (to look) out of the window, I (to see) that it (to snow) and evening (to be) covered snow.

2 Somebody ( to talk) in the next room?-No, nobody( to talk).My son(to watch) television now.

3Why he (no to go) to school yesterday?- He (to be) ill.He (to stay) in bad the whole day.

4You (to work), when I phoned you last night?-Yes,I (to work)

5Why they (to sit) here now?-They (to wait) for their doctor.The doctor (to be) late.

6He (to ask) you to wirk late last Tuesday?- No, he(not to ask) down,the sky (to be) cloudless.

8Yesterday,when he(to open) the door , he (to understand) that he (yo do) it with a wrong key.

9Every day she (to return) home, (to have) dinner and (to rest).But yesterday she(no to rest) after dinner, she (to work) ay her reportbthe whole evening


Ответы и объяснения

Looked,saw,was snowing, was.
2. is talking,is talking,is watching.
3. didn't go,was,stood
4. were working,was working
5. are sitting,are waiting,is
6. asked,didn't ask,was
8. was opening,understood,did
9. returns, has,rests,didn't rest,was working