1. What
you (to do) here? — I
(to prepare) for my report. — How
long you (to prepare) for it? — Oh,
I (to work) since morning.

2. He
(to teach) at school for five years when the war (to break) out.

3. She
(to study) English since last year.

4. What
you (to read)? — I
(to read) a magazine. — How
long you (to read) it? — I
(to read) it for half an hour.

5. She
(to live) in Moscow
for ten years when her sister (to come) to live with her.

6. Our
teach­er (to come). Now he (to speak) with our monitor.

7. They
(to speak) when I (to look) at them.

8. I
(to walk) about an hour when I (to see) a little house not far from the river.

9. When
he (to read) the newspaper, he (to give) it to his brother.

10. He (to leave) for Rostov in 1990 and since then he (to live)

11. At this time tomorrow we (to discuss)
your report.

Now she (to read) the book which I (to give) her yesterday.

13. You ever (to be) to London? — Yes, I (to be) there last summer.

What your friend (to do) now? — She (to have) dinner. She usually (to have) dinner
at this time.

15. I (to buy) a new dress. I (to show) it
to you tomorrow when you (to come) to my place.

16. So you begin working tomorrow! And who
(to take) care of your children when you (to go) to work?

17. Hello, Peter! Where you (to go)? — I (to
go) to the library.


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1 are you doing, am preparing,have you been preparing,have been working
2 had been teaching ,broke out
3 has been studying
4 are you reading,am reading, how long have you been reding it,i have been reading it
5 had been living, came
6 came, is speaking
7 were speaking, looked
8 had been walking,saw
9 had read, gave
10 left, has been living
11 will discuss
12 is reading, gave
13 have you ever been,i was
14 is doing, is having( has) , has
15 bought, will show,come
16 will take care,go
17 are you going, i am going