5 предложений про какое то спортивное событие , я юаже не знаю пр сто писать

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The Paralympics is such a complex of different kinds of simple sports which was chosen specially for disabled people.From the words of the participators we can understand that they want to be recognized for their achievements, just like any other athletes. In these even the most disabled people can demonstrate their abilities in the environment where their disabilities don’t count.
   In the past people didn’t pay so much attention to this sport event, but now there appears some kind of new interest, especially pleasing for Bob Steward – the director of the International Paralympic Committee, he invites new participators. With money which IPC collect with their own efforts they can sponsor more than 100 athletes from 35 countries of the world.  
   More and more sports have been added since the Paralympics began. Many of them were added with the help and ideas of participators. So far there are events for the blind, amputees and people with cerebral palsy. Games specially for mentally disabled people were added in Atlanta.
   From my point of view Paralympic Games is a very important event for all of us and people all over the world, because every person must prove himself. And of course disabled people deserve a chance to show their skills in abilities in corresponding atmosphere. Я написала целый текст вырежи из него главную мысль и все!

спасибо , но я всё таки гапишу другое