hi Bill.i am back in london.i've got three tickets for the
football match tonight .but Vicky isn't in the city now.the match starts
at half past seven.would you like to come with me.i am at my
grandmothers at the moment.we can meet at quarter past seven outside the
stadium.we can go for a .after the match.call me 347-887 before six
ИЗ текста ответить на вопросы 1.why does nick want to meet bill.2.when does the match start.3.

where does nick want to meet his friend.4.what can they do after the

match. ответить на вопросы из текста


Ответы и объяснения

1.Nick wanted to meet Bill because he's got three tickets, but one of his friends can't go to football match.
2.Match starts at 7.30
3.Nick wanted to meet his friend at his grandmother
4.after match they can go for a walk
Nick wants to see the football match with Bill. The match starts at half past seven. Nick wants to meet his friend outside the stadium. They can go for a walk after the match.