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К первой картинке: 1)Peter has not got any fruit today. He has got something sweet - it's not candy.
2)Rose's brothers/ Brothers of Rose have got some fruit. They are sweet red and green.
3)I have got two sandwiches. They are not with sausage and fish.
4)We don't bring no fruit, no sweets. But there is a very tasty vegetable. It is red and hares loves it.
5)And I have a big box of sweets , because I have a birthday today. Take!

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1.You Peter today no fruktov.U it has something sweet - it's not candy. 2.U Rose brothers with a frukty.Oni sweet red and green. 3.U me today with a two buterbroda.Buterbrody not with sausage and fish. 4.U we have with them no fruit, but there is no sladostey.No delicious ovosch.On red, and his love rabbits. 5.A I have a big box of chocolates, because I rozhdeniya.Berite day today!
-My favorite dish and apple pirog.Vam need 3-4 apples. Need more eggs. How much? -We need 5 eggs. Flour and sugar are also needed. -How much flour do you want? -5 Cups flour, 2 cups sugar, a little butter and milk. All oven and mix for 30 minutes. Yes it is not difficult! Let's try to make a cake at home with mom.

в основном все правильно
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наведи на мой ответ и нажми лучшее
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у меня правильно
My favorite dish is the apple pie you will need 3-4 many eggs do you need more? need 5 egg.flour and sugar.are also much flour? 5 cups flour 2 cups sugar a little oil and sugar and mix all oven 30 minutes so it's not difficult! let's try to make a cake at home wih mon