1. When does Christmastime / New Year time in Russia begin?
2. When do you celebrate Christmas / New Year in Russia?
3. Do you celebrate Christmas / New Year with your family or with your friends?
4. What do you buy before Christmas / New Year?
5. What do you celebrate on Christmas day / on 31 December?
6. Where do you find your Christmas / New Year presents?
7. What is on your table on Christmas Day / on 31 December?


Ответы и объяснения

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Christmas begin at 25 of December/ New Year at 31of December in Russia
i dont celebrate Christmas/ New year i celebrate on 31of december to 1 of January
i dont celebrate/ i celebrate with my family
i dont buy before/ i buy gifts to my friends
nothing/ i celebrate a new luck begin
nowhere/ i find my presents under New year tree
nothing/There is many foods and juice