Помогите пожалуйста!Нужно написать доклад на английском языке про любого животного.Помогите!


Ответы и объяснения

Protein is a wild animal, the class of mammals, the rodents, a family of squirrels. The name of the protein is derived from the old Russian word «Bella» - white. According to scientists, in the epoch of Ancient Russia was a special breed of protein white. And maybe a squirrel called "white"because its fur, after the fall of molting becomes light?
In the family of squirrels, which is divided into 2 subfamilies - squirrel and flying squirrels, is about 48 genera: proteins, giant squirrel, red squirrels, palm proteins etc. And species of squirrel - 280, less only the family mouse. The smallest is murine proteins. Their body length of not more than 7.5 cm, and the tail - 5 see the Back of yellowish-greenish colour, and the underparts are white with a greenish tint. She lives in the tropical rainforests of Africa. Proteins are widespread on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. They may even cause disturbances in the power supply, as often sharpen their teeth on the branches of trees, only now can't distinguish between a branch from the electrical wires. So, in the USA proteins twice in the history became a reason for the decrease of the stock index of high technologies and caused a cascading outage in алабамском University. So now, to protect electrical wires, use special rubber shields.