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Active Passive

1The professor made us set to work. 1 -

2 - 2 Thechildren were not alowed to take part in the procession

3 - 3 He was made to solve the problem immediately.

4 My friend's mother didn't him buy a col- 4 -

lection of beatiful stones.

5 The doctor made the nurse test the 5 -

patient's blood pressure again.

6 - 6 Most of European government made to stop nuclear tests.

7 Our chemisty teacher doesn't let us mix 7 -

these two gases.

8 - 8 Sam was never allowed to smoke

9 I won't let you give sugar to the dog 9 -

10 - 10 I was made to act on the stage, though I don't like performing



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We were made to set to work
they didn't allow the children to take part in the procession
they made him solve the problem immediately
a collection of beautiful stones wasn't bought to my friend
 the nurse was made to test the patient's blood pressure again
they made  Most of European government stop nuclear  tests. 
we aren't let mix  these two gases.
they didn't allow Sam to smoke
 you won't  be let to give sugar to the dog
they made me act on the stage,                                                                      though I don't like performing