Переведите текст, и подскажите какой текст к какому из вариантов подходит
A: St Petersburg is magic! B: Welcome to Vladimir! C:Enjoy Moscow and its sights! D:Kazan is waiting for you!

3: It is one of the oldest Russian towns. It was founded by Prince Vladimir Monomakh in 1108. The town was the Russian capital in the 12th century. It stands on the Klyazma River. There are many old churches and cathedrals, ancient monuments and historical buildings in this town. It is full of history. The people are very friendly and hospitable. You can buy unusual handmade souvenirs there.
Come and enjoy some Russian History!

4.It is the third most important city of Russia. It was founded in 1005. It's one of the biggest cities on the Volga River. The city is famous fot its ancient Kremlin, historical buildings and museums. There are lots of different places to visit. It's a hospitable city. Every year lots of tourists from different countries visit it. There are also some very good cafes in the city where tourists can enjoy traditional "tatar and Russian meals. Welcome to this great city!


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