Поставь вопрос к предложениям.Начни со слов,которые даются в скобках. 1). Miss Chatter got a lot of postcards on her birthday(What)
2). Last year the winter was cold and snowy (When)
3).Yesterday Tiny wrote a Christmas card to his friend Billy.(Why)
4).Jill,s cake was tasty and nice(Was)
5).He ran very well the dey before yesterday.(How)
6).They lived in a small house.(Did).


Ответы и объяснения

What do Miss Chatter (have) got on her birthday?
When was the winter cold and snowy?
Why did Tiny write a Christmas card to his friend Billy yesterday?
Was Jill's cake tasty and nice?
How did he ran the dAy before yesterday?
Did they live in a small house?