Помогите срочно :) Извините что мало балов :((((
Составьте сочинение на тему : Дом милый дом!
На Анг! Буду очень Благодарен помощи!


Ответы и объяснения

I would like to tell you some things about my home (house). I find it important to talk about it separately. It looks really great: snow-white skyscraper, like bears the octagonal sky.Sometimes it seemed to me that it looks directly at the clouds.Balcony loggias, there are filigreed-twisted ropes, did the house like a fairy-tale tower, which easily fits everyone. On holidays the house is always decorated with balloons and flags. There are a great atmosphere at home. Everything is native, favourite.
Most of all I loved watching my home in the evenings. One after another they went out the windows, while there were only a few glowing lamps, of which emanated light sounds lullabies songs.
Спасибо =) Очень благодарен!