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Maslenitza is one of the most favourite holidays in our country. It lasts from Monday till Sunday.It comes either at the end of February or at the beginning of March, this is so-called movable festival. In 2002, Maslenitza took place in March (from 3d up to 9th).This holiday means the end of winter and the spring coming. It has pagan origin. During this holiday people visit each other, children play snowballs, light bonfires, enjoy horse-sledging.During these days people should avoid eating any kind of meat, but they are to eat much butter, cheese, sour cream, lots of pancakes.Lent follows Maslenitza, it is the strictest and long holiday, it lasts 7 weeks. During these weeks people avoid eating fat meals, meat and there are few entertainments.People must work hard, pray and clean their soul.
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