use will or to be going to with the verbs in brackets. 1) A: Have you finished your essay yet? B: No, but I'm sure I ..... (finish) it on time. 2) A; I have decided what to wear for the part. B: Really? What ......(wear), then? 3) A: Why do you need hot soapy water? B: Because I ......(wash) the car. 4) A: Did you post those letters? B: No, I ......(post) them this afternoon. 5) A: Did you book a table at the restaurant? B: Yes, but I don't expect it .....(be) busy. 6) A: I'm hungry. B: Me too. I ..... (make) us something to eat. 7) A: What are you doing this weekend? B: Oh, I ..... (probably/visit) my grandparents.


Ответы и объяснения

1 will finish
2 are you wearing
3 i am washing
4 am posting
5 will be
6 will make
7 i am visiting
1) I will finish
2) going to wear
3) going to wash car
4) I will post
5) -
6) I will make
7) I probably going to visit