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Посмотри, есть ли глаголы в таблице неправильных глаголов! Если есть, то ставишь 3 форму (Past Participle). Если нет, то ставишь окончание -ed !
знаешь ты просто гений!!!!! А ничего если если в continuouse окончание ing, а в perfect- continuouse есть been?
1. He gave me back the book, thanked me for lending it to him
and said that he had enjoyed it very much; but I knew that he
hadn’t read it because most of the pages were still uncut.
He kept looking at her, wondering where he had seen her
I put the £10 note into one of my books; but the next day it took
me ages to find it because I had forgotten/forgot which book I
had put it into.