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My name is Tina. I love to play sports. Sport is my life. Summer morning I get up and run by quadruplet. At the cottage I love to ride a bike. In the winter I go skiing with my class

меня зовут Тина. Я люблю заниматься спортом. Спорт это моя жизнь. Летнее утро я встаю и ведении квадруплета. В коттедже Я люблю ездить на велосипеде. Зимой я иду на лыжах кататься с моим класом

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People usually go in for sport because it's the easiest way to keep fit.My attitude towards sport is positive because I'm an active person.I have my basketball training three times a week.I suppose that basketball helps you to work in a team and communicate with other players. I also want to take up swimming-to my mind it wil be great!!In a healthy body is a healthy spirit!