сочинение по английскому языку на тему "my favorite travelling destination" 150-180 слов


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My favourite destination.
An ideal place for travelling is Molavia. It's situated south-east of Europe. THe country is environmentally safe area, you can breathe so pure air here and try absolutely natural agricultural products. Moldavia is blessed by Mother Nature as a "sunny country" due to mild climate and warm summers, and landscape. 
The sun shines so bright that grapes grow very sweet, and t's true that Moldavia is a wine paradise.
Moldavans are very hospitable. I was treated with glass of wine and bunch of grapes in every court. 
Moldavans like dance very much, i happened to visit Moldavian wedding, I will never forget it. We danced very much , there were many funny games , and then we're not coming out of the wine cellar for three days.
People celebrate wedding whole-heartedly in Moldavia . I also went fishing to the Dniester River, there are many different fishes. But I netted only several crucians.
Moldavia was a place of inspiration for such great people as Alexander Pushkin, Nikolay Gogol. Vacation in Moldavia impressed me too much and I hope to visit this country again.