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My favorite book - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It is written in the genre of fantasy and adventure. The protagonist of the book a boy named Harry Potter, who was a magician. Yet the book has such characters: dark magician Volan de Mort, Hermione Granger, Dobby, Rubeus Hagrid, and others. The book describes how the boy got into a school of magic, learned the truth about the mysterious death of their parents, and revealed the secret of the philosopher's stone.

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This history writen by Mary Shelled,in 1818.The  title of the book is "Frankenstein".It is very popular ,translated into many languages.It is a horror story.This is the story of Victor Frankenstein,a student of science from Geneva,who decides to create a human being.He  visits gravegards and collects bones and bodies.He creates a monster. The monster is huge and ugly. The monster has no friends and feels so lonely that it asks  for a friend .But Frankenstein refuses to create another human being.The monster starts attacking and killing people.It also kills his wife.The mounster says."I have  had my revenge.The rest of your life will be as miserable as mine".

This fascinating story evokes both sympathy and fear at the same time .The story  is very sad and i feel very sorry for the main character.