англ. яз. 4 кл.

оксана карпьюк


5. role-play
work in pairs. make up the menu.
task for A. You are a customer. Order what you want to have.
task for B. You are a waiter. Talk with the customer.

А что нужно делать?какое задание?

Ответы и объяснения


main dish: 
1. Grilled salmon
2. Roasted Chicken
3. Pork steak
4. Beef Stroganoff
5. Grilled Shrimps
1. Omelet
2. French toast
3. Pancakes
4. Milk waffles
5. Sugar tacos
1. Caesar salad
2.Green salad
3. Waldorf salad
4. Spinach salad
5. Macaroni salad
1) Hot
1. Coffee
2. Cappucino
3. Americano
4. Tea (flavored)
5. Latte

2) Cold:
1. Juice (strawberry, kiwi, apricot)
2. Coke/ sprite
3. Milkshake

B - Good evening, sir? What would you like to order?
A - What do you have in your special menu?
B - Today's specials are : Lasagna and Broiled Parmesan
A: Then I will order Lasagna.
B - Anything to drink? 
A - Red wine
B - Thank you.

A - Order, please!
B - How can I help you, sir?
A - I would like to have an omelet, and the "kids' breakfast special"
B - OK. And anything to drink?
A - Two lemonades.
B - OK. thank you for your order