Ответьте на вопросы,заранее спасибо1.Which is the mostunusual British tradition?2.What is Up-Helly-Aa?3.Who were the Vikings? 4. Where are the Shetlands situated?What is their capital? 5.When is St.Valentine's Day celebrated? 6.For whom-The Welsh,the Scottish or the English-is first March a very important day? 7.Who in Great Britian has two birthdays?Is the Queen's birthday in April or in June? 9. Does the queen open Parliament every spring? 10.Why is the 5th of November a special day in Britain? 11.What is a carol?


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1.The most unusual British tradition is Swan Upping 2.Up-Helly-Aa is the holiday?when the Shetlands remember the Vikings and their traditions. 3.Vikings are robbers from ninth century.They're the best sailors. 4.The Shetlands are situated at of the north of Scotland. The capital of the Shetlands is Lerwick. 5.St'Valentine's Day celebrated on 14th of February 6.The 1st March is a very important day for Welsh people. 7.The Queen has two birthdays. She has her birthday both in April and June. 9.No,the Queen opens Parliament every autumn 10.November 5th is the Britih festival called Guy Fawkes Day
11.Carol is a song that was performed at Cristmas