compare as in the model. MODEL:a long pencil--a longer pencil--the longest pencil. A short ruler, a funny monkey, long hair, big houses, a clever dog, an old car, a long street, new books, a nice puppy, a funny story, a happy child, an easy task.


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A short ruler-A shorter ruler- The shortest ruler

a funny monkey -a funnier  monkey- the funnist monkey

 long hair- longer hair- the longest hair

 big houses-bigger houses- biggest houses

 a clever dog- a cleverer dog- the  cleverest  dog

 an old car -an older car-the oldest car,

a long street-a longer street- the longest street ,

new books-newer books- the newest books,

a nice puppy- a nicer puppy- the nicest  puppy

 a funny story- a funnier story- the funniest story,

a happy child- a happier child- the  happiest child

an easy task-an easier task- the eaiest task