Закончите предложения глаголами в правильной форме.1. Listen! What ... she (play)?-It"s my favourite song.
2. My little sister has chosen Musicians Club. She ... (play) the guitar.
3. John! What ... you (do)?-I ... (write) a letter to my English penfiend.
4. The children ... (write), ... (read) and ... (count) at school.
5. Why ... you (cry)?-I can"t do my Maths homework. It"s very difficult. Will you help me?
6. Look! The little boy ... (feed) the rabbit.
7. We ... (feed) the parrot in the morning and in the evening.


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What is she playing? She can play the guitar. What are you doing? I'm writing a letter to my English pen fiend. The children are writing, reading and counting at school. Why are you crying?