Помогите дам 30 баллов до завтра!!!Look through the texts on page 47 in the Workbook No 1 and answer the questions.
1. When was ink invented?
2. Was this invention made by the Egyptians or by the Chinese?
3. What was used to make ink?
4. The oldest piece of paper was found in Egypt, wasn't it?
5. Where was the first official stamp invented?
6. Why is the stamp called the Penny Black?
7. What was invented by Samuel Morse?
8. What is transmitted with the help of the telegraph?
9. Who was e-mail invented by?


Ответы и объяснения

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1. Ink was invented in the third century BC
2. This invention was made by the Egyptians
3. Soot and oil were used to make ink
4. Yes, it was
5. The first official stamp was invented in the British Isles
6. The first stamp was called the Penny Black because it cost 1 penny and was black
7. The Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse
8. Signals are transmitted with the help of the telegraph
9. E-mail was invented by Ray Tomlinson