выбрать нужный элемент

1) there is a cafe ... the cinema and the bank

a) in front b) to the left c) between

2) there ..... a museum and a theatre in this sguare last year

a) were b) was c) is

3) they left Paris...... Moscow two days ago

a) to b) in c) for

4) there aren t ... apples at home. can you boy some?

a) any b) some c) much

5) is there .... cheese in the fridge?

a) some b) any c) many

6) ..... your Granny usually cook pancakes at the weekend?

a) do b) does c) is

7)there is ... armchair to the right of the window

a) a b) the c) an

8) .... you at school yesterday?

a) was b) were c) did

9) it was ... last saturday

a) sunny b) sun c) the sun

10) ..... is my uncle Tom

a) this men b) these men c) this man

11) look. these are ... shoes

a) Mike b) Mike,s c) Mikes, запетые вверху, не знаю как набрать

12) my dad doesn t like to wear .....

a) scart b) scarves c) scarfes

помогите, я учила немецкий. уроки делаем с сыном, что-то знает, что-то нет,


Ответы и объяснения

1) between   2) b) was      3) c) for   4) a) any           5) b) any       6)  b) does      7) b) the     8) b) were     9) a) sunny       10) c) this man   11) b)   Mike`s        12) b) scarves    
спасибо огромное!! пошли разбираться!
1) с
2) а
6) b
7) c
8) b
спасибо огромное!! пошли разбираться!