Вставить предлоги : at,in,on,by,during,for,till,until.
0) Пример- I'll stay in the library from four till six.
1) The book will be published a month.
2)Children stay at primary school 6 years.
3) I left school 2005.
4) We'll meet five o'clock near the school.
5) Sunday our class went to Edinburgh on an excursion.
6) my stay in London I visited a lot of museums.
7) I must finish my report in History Friday.
8) I have to stay at school 7 pm. to finish my task.
9) the morning we went to the museum.
10) The homework was so difficult that he finished it only midnight.
11)Tomorrow we'll be busy 5 o'clock.
12) David's work has improved the last month.


Ответы и объяснения

1- for
2- at
4- at
6- during
7- on
8-  at
10- by
11- till