Помогите пожалуйста мне срочно нужен диалог про эко проблемы в ижевске про загрязнение воздуха и про загрязнение воды т.е. человек высмлушивает меня про загрязнение воздуха и начинает говорить про загрязнение воды заранее спасибо


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-Hi! Let's talk about the pollution of our city?
-Good afternoon! Ok.
-I think that  air is polluted in our city. I should solve this complex problem. Can you help me?
-Yes, of course! This problem is very difficult. People don't have to breathe dirty air. I'm sure  that we need to create a lot of forest parks in the city center.
-It's a great idea. We can build countryside houses. People go there on a weekend and relax.
-So, there is water pollution in our city. I think that we need to buy water purifiers. What do you think?
-I agree with you. We make people not to throw garbage!
-Thanks for the help! Bye!
Bye! Bye!