Ответы и объяснения

1. Have you read any books in English? — No, I haven't. I will go to library after lessons.
2. Bring me any interesting book, please. — Well, I can give you a very interesting new book. I have already gave it to many of my friends.
3. Give me a piece of chalk, please. — Here you are.
4. My girlfriend is a librarian, she works in Institute of History. She studies a lot, she plans to go to Germany.
5. All students study a lot.
6. I haven't talked with him and very regret about it.
7. Wrong! Please try again.
8. Have you ever been in a London? — Yes, I have. — When? — Five years ago.
9. My sister's son is only four years old, but he already can write.
10. There are a lot of things in this room. There is a table, four chairs, a piano, a sofa, two armchairs. What else is there here? — Additionally there is a bookcase also.
11. Do any of you know how to (ice) skate?
12. Can I borrow your book for a minute? — Yes, of course!
13. Was he able to meet you? — No, he couldn't meet us.
14. May I come in?
15. Can you finish this work today? — I think that I could do it.