Помогите написать Эссе "Мое личное мнение о технологиях"
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An essay on "How technology change my country and my buduyuschie?"
At present, the information technology played an important role in our lives obschestva.V possession of information very vazhno.Umeniya now need to use the computer in almost all areas deyatelnosti.Bolshenstvo people nowadays without a mobile phone without a need for them to ruk.On Entertaiment for work for the rest. When were mobile phones, they could only send and receive zvoniki, and now with the help of a mobile phone, you can send messages, listen to music, to visit and see the Internet, play various igry.Seychas Besides phone full of all sorts kamunikatorov, smartvonov, kpk.Mnogie izobriteniya person to facilitate and improve our lives, but there are those that cause vred.Blagodorya on the internet people can do to work (to send any mail), fun (to play games, view tons of pictures and video clips). By this I mean that the new technology replaces us spending time with friends, go out on nature otdyhat.Teper we can entertain and comfort of a modern society doma.Mnogie products are equally harmful and polezny.Ya believe that technology prividut our country to the highest society and a symbol of our country will be proud to show off to distant planets.