написать ПИСЬМО другу, на английском языке.

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использовать тире, и восклицательные предложения, не мение 60 слов.


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Я напишу открытку другу из Египта. Нигде в интернете нет такого письма. Моя учительница его проверила, так что без ошибок.


hi, Dasha

I'm writing from Egypt. I'm staying in the hotel "Cleopatra" in Cairo. It is very interesting here. I'm itching to tell you about everything!

It's very hot here. I'm spend a tot of time on the beach. I met Iren and George here whom we met in England. They send you greetings. On the beach we play volleyball and water polo. My friends and I are doing scuba diving and we are engaged in surfing. It's amazing! Yesterday I saw the piramids. Dusty tombs, magnificent  temples, treasuries, mysterious mumies shocked me! I learnt many interesting things in the history or Egypt. 

I bought some souvenirs, took many pictures to show you. I'm having a good time! It's a pity that you couldn't do with me. Take care.



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  • почетный грамотей

Dear Karen,

Thanks for your letter of 10th January.I*m really happy to become your new pen friend.

Ferst of all I*m  really sorry I haven*t written back sooner but I*ve  been buzy.I had to stady for my exams.They were very hard and I didn*t  have time for anything.Fortunately, I passed all of them and now I*m having my winter break.

I*d like to hear more about your work,what music you like,what you do in your free time and anything else you think I should know about you.

As for me,I come from a small familly.There are thre of us:my mum,my dad and me.My parents live in the country.They are retired.I live in the centre of London in a flat.

Anyway ,I*d love to be in touch with you and I can*t wait to hear from you again.

Lots of love