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красивое высказывание! но если бы вы хотя бы черновик набросали...

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“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”

It is the best quotation I have ever heard. Just to be born is not enough to be alive and vivid. It reminds me to take time out and enjoy these beautiful days. To my mind, everybody should have their own “little flowers”. For me it is like my favourite hobby, it symbolizes something that is after my own heart. “Freedom” means my personal opportunity and desire to create things. There is nothing like a possibility to do something beautiful and then enjoy it. And finally “sunshine” is connected with self-development and inspiration. I strongly believe that “sunshine” is a favorable condition that helps to turn into reality my thoughts. So that just living is so boring and uninteresting. I think that quotation will be the motto of my life.
красиво получилось! не хуже самой цитаты!