Red and match.
1 is this you pet? no, they haven't.
yes, it can.
no,it isn't .
no, they aren't .
no, they can't.
yes?it has.
yas your dog got big ears?
can elephants climb?
are sheep dot long tails?
are sheep blue?
can you danct?


Ответы и объяснения

1. No, it isn't; 2. Yes, it has; 3. No, they can't, 4. No, they haven't, 5. No, they aren't, 6. Yes, I can
Is this your pet? No, it isn't.
Has your dog got big ears?  Yes, it has.
Can elephants climb? No, they can't.
Have sheep got long tails? No, they haven't.
Are sheep blue? No, they aren't.
Can you dance? Yes, it can. (Здесь непонятно. Наверное, в самом вопросе опечатка.)