Что делают люди на Рождество в Британии. 10 предложений. Напиши пожалууууйста...


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On the 25th of December the British people celebrate Christmas. It's a big holiday and there are lots of Cristmas traditions in Britain.Every year Londoners get a present from the people of Norway - a big Christmas tree. It stands in Trafalgar Square. Central London's streets have got beautiful decorations at Cristmas. There is also a nice skating rink in the centre of the capital. A lot of people come to enjoy the Cristmas decorations and to skate.Before Cristmas groups of singers perform traditional Cristmas songs or carols in the streets and square. They collect money for charity.People usually decorate their trees on Cristmas Eve - on the 24th of December. Cristmas Day is the time for presents, quests, wishes and a special meal. British Cristmas dinner consists of a roast turkey witn carrots and potatoes and Cristmas pudding.