Нужно написать 2 письма.
1) Every day I do morning exercises and go swimming. Besides, I am found of playing football! I am proud that I am a member of school football team. What about you? What sports are popular in Russia? What do you do at PT lessons at school?
Sorry, I must finish, I have to go now. Write back soon. Best wishes, Steve.
2)I am vegetarian and try to exercise to be fit. What do you prefer eating during the day? What do you do to keep fit? What bad habits do teens in Russia have?
... last week I took part in the school football match...
Sorry I must finish, I have to go now. Write back soon. Best wishes, Mark.
В 1 письме 100-120 слов. Во 2 письме 80-100 слов. Письмо делится на 3 части. В первой мы удивляемся от того что нам пишут, выражаем какую-нибудь реакцию. Во второй части мы отвечаем на вопросы. И в третьей мы прощаемся и пишем причину по которой уходим. Жду ответа :)

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                                                                                                   Saint -Petersburg
Daer Steve,
thank you for the letter. How are you? I hope you are well. It was great to hear from you again after such a long time I'm sorry I haven't written for so long. I really should have written sooner. I have benn busy with my schoolwork.
Well, I have been playing tennis.Ice-hockey is another one successful sport in the country. The Russian team takes worthy places in competitions. On PT lessons we do different exerсises, playing and passing standart.
Anyway, I must go and get on with my work! Hope to hear from you soon.
All the best, 
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