Write sentences using let (someone)do. 1.i don`t listen music afterWrite sentences using let (someone)do.1.i don`t listen music after midnight-my parents say no.My parents don`t me listen to music after midnight.2.I watch the late-night film on Fridays-my parents say i can.________________________3.My brother doesn`t use my computer-say he can`t._________________________4.We never run in the corridors at my school-the teacher says we can`t.______________5.We don`t wear trainers to school-the head teacher says we can`t.___________________________6.I drive our car sometimes-my dad says it`s OK!


Ответы и объяснения

2. My parents let me watch the late-night film on Fridays. 3. I don't let my brother use my computer. 4. The teacher doesn't let us run in the corridors at my school. 5. The head teacher doesn't let us wear trainers to school. 6. My dad let me drive our car sometimes.