Пожалуйста помогите текст: Моё хобби (про футбол) на английском языке. Нужно, чтобы было вступление, основная часть и заключение.Только не пишите, что я школьник или мечтаю стать профессиональным футболистом, капитаном.

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Hello! I always wanted to become a great footballer, the leader of football command. It's my hobby. I am really into football. Football is very interesting game and in fact you can learn to play football very fast, but if you want to become a master it will take you many years. But I believe I will be a good footballer.
ВРОДЕ БЫ по всем правилам англ. языка. Хотя кто его знает >
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Soccer is an important part of my life.
I first remember playing it when I was five or six years old, at our summerhouse. The whole our family was there on vacations, and I still remember long August afternoons filled with endless fun, games with multiple friends and, of course, soccer.

Since then I have come a long way. Now I play soccer twice a week, there's a pick-up game on Wednesdays and our (школьная институтская офисная) team on Saturdays. I enjoy playing soccer, it helps build character, develop stamina and speed. Just as for every other skill repetition is the key to success. The best memory for a sport is muscle memory, and practicing the moves strengthens the body's abilities. Running is an important skill for soccer. To keep fit I run two-three mornings a week.

Soccer is a very good sport activity. It helps remain strong and fit, fast and accurate. I really fond of it, of the teamwork and great achievements. I hope to be able to play it for many more years.