Ребят, кто знает хорошо английский, переведите небольшой текст,

заранее очень благодарна, и да о онлайн переводчиках я знаю (увы они

переводят отдельно слова - без соблюдения правил языка).


Ответы и объяснения

The Best Friend.
In a small town there lived a good but lonely man called Arthur. One day, walking down the street, he saw a stray, lame dog, which looked like a Doberman. Arthur beckoned it. The dog came up cautiously. Arthur tickled its ear and stroked the dog encouraging it to follow him. So it did... At home Arthur gave the dog a big piece of meat. After having such a good meal the dog licked Arthur's cheek, expressing "thank you" that way.
Days and weeks were passing by, nobody was looking for the missing dog. Arthur decided to let it stay. It didn't take him long to choose the name - he called it a simple name, King.
A couple months later King's wounded paw healed, and he was a brave, healthy dog then! One day, Arthur and King were attacked by some bullies in the street, but King began to roar, and they ran away with fear right away.
 So far Arthur isn't afraid of anybody as he has got a faithful friend who would protect him.
Since then they are the best friends forever.