Complete the sentences. Use the passive (present of past) of these verbs:

build damage find invent make make pay show speak steal

1. Paper....from wood
2. There was a fire at the hotel last week. Two rooms.......
3. many different languages India
4. these houses are very old. They. ....about 500 years ago.
5. many American programmes.....on on British television
6. " Is this a very old film?" "Yes, 1949
7. my car. ....last week. The next day it....... by the police
8. the transistor. 1948
9. she has a very good job. She.........£3000 a month


Ответы и объяснения

1. is made
2. are damaged
3. are spoken
4. were built
5. are shown
6. was made
7. was stolen, was found
8. was invented
9. is payed