Помогите очень надо УМОЛЯЮ...
сочинение на тему "прибор который я купила в последний раз"на английском языке..


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The last time I bought a new Hairdryer,I was very happy as it is good to dry my hair it was not very expensive and only 2 of the ruble to the basket with the homeless!they so stank like my mother mouth!my mother always climbs the litter! I always pay attention to the work on the track and I sleep on the garbage with your mom there's so convenient and pleasant! I have no dad I ate!I he was buried in garbage!My dad was a bitch!My teacher bitch!all female-I!I love the Caucasus but it is a bitch!I with a Hairdryer did not break up!!
ты попала в программу неуч
я помогаю таким как ты неучам по англ....
вот идиот