Translate the sentences using Present Simple for the Future
1. поезд прибывает через 10 минут
2. кино начинается в 7:30
3. когда отходит наш пороход ?
4. когда закончится фильм?
5. Концерт начнется через пол часа
6. автобус отходит в 5 часов

ПОСТАВЬТЕ в Present Simple
1. You ( go) _____out this evening?
No , I am too tired.
2. We (go) ____to a concert this evening.
(It start )_____at 7.30
3. my parents _____(go) on holidaynext week.
4. Do you know about Sally ?___-(she/go) married next month !
5. Oh , that"s nice. Where ____(they / go)?
6. What____(you / do) next Monday afternoon?
- ____(I /work)


Ответы и объяснения

1. the train arrives after 10 minutes
2. the movie starts at 7:30
3. when leaves our пороход ?
4. when you are finished with the film?
5. The concert will start in half an hour
6. the bus departs at 5 o'clock
The train arrives in 10 minutes. The movie starts at 7:30. When does your steamship sail? When does the movie finish? The concert starts in a half-hour. The bus leaves at 5 o'clock. Do you go out this evening? We go to a concert this evening. It starts at 7.30. My parents go on holiday next week. She gets married next month. Where do they go? What do you do next monday afternoon? I work.