Read the story and mark the statements true, false or unstated. Прочитайте историю и отметить заявления истина, ложь или неустановленной.
Henry Longfellow lived on Brattle Street in Cambridge and worked at Harvard University. Every day when he walked to work he went by a large chestnut tree. Longfellow admired the tree so much that one day he decided to write a poem “The Village Blacksmith” which became one of the most famous poems. Longfellow was a very popular person who a lot of people visited every day. Among these people were Charles Dickens and Pedro 2, the emperor of Brazil who Longfellow wrote to in Portuguese. But there were also not-so-famous neighbours, especially the children. The city of Cambridge grew and townspeople decided to cut down the chestnut tree, which Longfellow made famous. Longfellow’s neighbours and friends decided to make an armchair for Longfellow from the tree’s wood. Seven hundred children donated money to pay for the chair. They gave the armchair to Longfellow on his seventy-second birthday on February 27, 1879. They also gave him a book that had the names of all the children who had contributed. Longfellow was happy with his birthday present. He put the chair in his study and showed it to the visitors. Longfellow wanted to thank the children and wrote a poem “From my armchair”. When one of the children who had contributed to the chair came to visit him, Longfellow let the child sit in the armchair and gave him or her a copy of the poem “From My Armchair”. ·
Задание. отметить заявления истина, ложь или неустановленной.
1)_ Henry Longfellow worked at Cambridge University. 2)_Every day he walked to see a large chestnut tree. 3)_ Longfellow wrote a poem under the chestnut tree. 4)_Longfellow was a person who visited a lot of popular people every day 5)_ Henry Longfellow made friends with popular and not-so popular neighbours. 6)_Children raised money for making an armchair from the chestnut tree’s wood. 7)_The book, which Longfellow’s friends gave him as a present, had his name. 8)_Longfellow wrote a poem From My Armchair because he wanted to say Thank you to the children. 9)_When the children who had donated money visited him, Longfellow wrote them new poems.


Ответы и объяснения

1 false
2 true
3 false
4 false
5 true
6 true
7 false
8 true
9 false

Огромное спасибо но тут еще должен быть unstated.
ох. точно..не заметила. тогда 2 - там не сказано точно что он не ходил для того чтобы увидеть дерево. все остальные утверждения есть