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 Is an ancient Newar town in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It is located in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone. It is the third largest city in Kathmandu valley and was once the capital of Nepal during the great Malla Kingdom until the second half of the 15th century. Bhaktapur is famous for special type of curd called "Ju Ju dhau".It is experienced by the curd makers that the taste of curd prepared in this location cannot be found elsewhere all over Nepal. Bhaktapur is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artwork. Khwopring is the ancient name of Bhaktapur. The term "Bhaktapur'' refers to "The City Of Devotees".It is the home of traditional art and architecture, historical monuments and craft works, magnificent windows, pottery and weaving industries, excellent temples, beautiful ponds, rich local customs, culture, religion, festivals, musical mystic and so on. Bhaktapur is still an untouched as well as preserved ancient city that is itself a world to explore for tourists.From time immemorial it lay on the trade route between Tibet and India. This position on the main caravan route made the town rich and prosperous. Bhaktapur is also known as city of festivals and celebrations. The city celebrates festivals each month starting from new year to the Holi puni at the end of the year.Bisket jatra (New year festival), Mother's Day (Mathathirtha Aunshi), Buddha purnima (Buddha purnima), Kumar Khasti (SithiNakha), Gathamaga charyaGaijatra (Guni purnima), Father's day (Aushi), Dashain (Nawarat), Tihar (Kija puja), Sakima puniDhanya purnima (Yomari purnima), Maghe sankranti (Ghya-chaku sankranti) (Makar Sankranti)Shree panchamiShiva ratriHoli (Holi purnima), Karkat sakranti (celebrated on Shrawan 1 of Nepali Calendar)
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