Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

There is an old castle in Norwich which is believed to 1)(haunt). It 2)(call) North Castle and it 3)(say) that ghosts can 4)(see) there at night. The castle 5) (build) 400 years ago and 6) (own) by two old ladies who 7) (believe) to be witches. One day, long ago, they both disappeared and they 8) (never/see) again. In 1985 the castle 9) (buy) by a busimessman and 10) (convert) into a luxurious hotel. The castle 11) (visit) by quite a few guests every year and special groups 12) (organise) to watch for ghosts. It has been a long time since any ghosts 13) (see), but one night a trick 14) (play) on some visitors by a local couple, who dressed up as the two "witches". They 15) (see) by a guest, who said she 16) (frighten) almost to death. The couple apologised the next day, and 17) (tell) never to visit the castle again, certainly not in the middle of the night dressed up as witches.


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1)to be haunted
2)is called
3)is said
4)be seen
5)was built
6)was owned
7)were believed
8)were never seen
9)was bought
10) was converted
11)is visited
12)are organised
13)were seen
14)was played
15)were seen
16)was frightened
17)was told