1. match the beginning of the sentence 1 - 5 to the ending A - F . ( One variant is extra ) .
1)She cautioned her husband A ) look about to get married
2) the secret of a happy marriage is B) to never argue
3) he was moved C)selling the dolls
4) she saved money from D)not to open the box
5) her grandmother told her the secret , when they were E) to buy new dolls
F) to see only two dolls in the box

2. Fill in the gaps with one of the worlds.One variant is extra.

1)He's looking ... keys.He doesn't remember where he left them yesterday. A)forward to

2)I'm looking ... hearning from you soon. B) out

3)Don't look ... me like this! C)for

4)Grandmother looks ... her grandchildren at the weekends. D)at

5)Look ...! The stone is going to fall down! E)through

F) after


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1 - d, 2 - b, 3 - e, 4 - c, 5 - f; 1 - c, 2 - a, 3 - d, 4 - f, 5 - b