Как правильно оформлять сочинения-описания по англ языку?Такое сочинение подходит по нормам?

Here on that picture we can see many people and some pools. People seems to be happy, because they are smiling. Moreover, as we can see there are some tubes on the top of a picture. That means that wonderful place is on the ship. People on that ship are not doing the same things. As we can see, some of them are sunbathing while another are swimming in pools. In my opinion, it is a perfect place to relax and escape from everyday life problems. That picture makes me so happy, because before I have seen that I thought that human lives are so unhappy and negative, but now I understand that some people are trying to be positive.

получилось как то так,но мне не очень нравится...

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Для начала напиши название)
Затем у тебя должно быть три части- три абзаца)
И в конце обязательно должна присутствовать фраза-вывод! И все!
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да, будет хорошо)
только раздел правильно;)