Подбери пару "существительное-глагол" и составьте свои примеры с полученными словосочетаниями. Пример:to celebrate a bithday - I always celebrate my bithday on Saturday. a cake, a present, a wish, a song, a guest ,a birthday, a candle, to give, to celebrate, to make, to light, to sing, to invite, to grant.


Ответы и объяснения


1, mY GRANNY bakes the tastiest cakes  in the world. She likes to make cakes.

2. He gave me  a present I *d  dreamed about. I like to make presents for my friends without any reason.

3. She had only  a wish to go somewhere far from that place.

4. Ann was singing  a beautiful   song and  all guests began to dance.

5. We invited a lot of  guests to celebrate his birthday.

6. She has a birthday on the 7th of June. We celebrated her birthday in the cafe.

 7. Mike lit the candle and went upstairs.