Переделайте предложения из действительного залога в страдательный
4)I heard some strange noise in garden
5)He has ignored oll our complaints
6)The police is questioning MR.Davidson
7)The company will export its goods to 70 countries
8)They offered me a job at the hospital
9)Our neighbor was painting his garage the whole day
10/Rate has returned the books to the library
11)My colleagues will be discussing the information during the business- lunch
12)Ken has told the children a bout the party


Ответы и объяснения

4) Some strange noise was heard in garden
5) All our complaints have been ignored by him.
6) Mr Davidson is being questioned by the police.
7) The goods of the company will be exported to 70 countries.
8) A job in the hospital was offered me by them.
9) The garage of our neighbour  was being painted for the whole day.
10) The books have been returned to the library by Rate.
11) The information will being discussed by my colleagues during the business lunch
12) The children have been told by Ken about the party