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Speaking about the best place to live, I'd like to mention the proverb, "East or West - home is best'. Wherever you are, you'll not forget your home place, your motherland, your parental dwelling. It may be either an appartament city or a small cottage in the countryside. During your life your native place seems to be the dearest and beloved site in the whole world. It is impossible to explain that unusual, mysterious strength that attracts us to our birthplace.
Kyiv residents must be proud of their homecity, as they are lucky to live in the capital of Ukraine and one of the ancient cities of Europe. It lays on the banks of the Dnipro River. Its historical sights, buildings and monuments attract thousands of visitors yearly. The tourists are always impressed by the beauty of this city, its streets and chestnut trees, which are especially devine in spring time. Many famous Ukrainian and foreign people lived and worked in Kyiv.
As for me I adore my native town greatly. Ukraine has many roads and some of them always lead me to a place I was born.