только плиз не слишком заумное

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Plants - our friends .they  help us make our air cleaner and our body здоровее.Тем they do us a huge favor. Plants have many medicinal qualities. We know many cases when the plants cured people from those diseases which have already refused to treat the most experienced врачи.Говоря about the benefits of plants not to mention that they simply delight глаз.Люди in whose house plants are extremely happy людьми.Растения charge the person with positive energy and raise him настроение.А house where a lot of plants in itself much more beautiful and more comfortable than at home without растений.Тем who still don't have a single flower, a single plant, I would recommend to buy a fact who they are advise to keep and always behind them ухаживать.И not forget that the plants are very sensitive and tender.
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