Составить на английском языке 10 предложений о сюжете фильма "Один дома-2".


Ответы и объяснения

Family Маккалистеров headed by Peter and Kate traveling, this time in Miami, Florida for Christmas. The school Christmas concert buzz humiliates Kevin during his solo singing in front of all, the result of which was hit Kevin on the shoulder. Eventually triggered a Domino principle and ultimately cardboard scenery collapsed right on the pianist. That night buzz publicly apologizes to Kevin (however buzz apologizes sincere, and just playing to the audience, thus once again mocking Kevin), but Kevin refused to apologise for his trick, raised on the third floor and expresses the wish that his family went to Florida without him.
On the day of departure Маккалистеры slept through the time of the revival of Peter accidentally turned off the electronic watches and they were lost. During the race the whole family at the airport Kevin stops for a moment to insert fresh batteries in the recorder. Seeing a man in the same coat as his father, Kevin decides that this is Peter, follows him, takes the wrong plane and arrive in new York. When Kate realizes that Kevin is not near them, she faints.
At the same time, Harry and Marv («Wet Bandits», which the viewer knows the first film) after escaping from Chicago prison fall in new York and changing their nickname of the «Sticky Bandits» (this nickname was coined Марвом after he wrapped his glove double-sided tape to steal 14 cents in Santa Claus on the street). And they changed the direction of their criminal activities - now their objects of trade are not dwelling houses, as in the previous film, and shops.